Healing Illness

Mel Shapcott

Healing Illness

Recover from chronic Covid, severe fatigue, brain fog, and other mystery symptoms

When you are struggling with chronic illness even the simple things can seem hard. Between brain fog and fatigue, special diets and daily pain it can feel impossible to find a clear path to health. In this 40 minute consult you will be invited to talk about your health challenges, discuss ways to manage symptoms, and commit to your next steps towards healing.

Offering one-on-one support to individuals with POTS, EDS, Chronic Fatigue, and Brain Fog, as well as those suffering from the long term effects of Covid and other mystery illnesses. Sessions are offered by video or phone.

Through her own experience with chronic illness Mel has learned that healing is possible. She offers tools, techniques, and an insider’s perspective to reclaiming well-being.