Visionary Artist Mel Shapcott
Photo Credit © Marsia Shuron Harris

MEL SHAPCOTT creator of the Akashic Oracle deck and editor of Wild Woman Rising online magazine is dedicated to the path of self discovery. She utilizes both mystical teachings and technical tools to help others source and share their creative voices. Based on her own journey to healing and experience as a lifelong artist, she understands that whole health is elevated when there is a clear channel of sacred, personal expression.

As an artist, her visionary work provides an outlet for powerful knowledge embedded in genetic and cellular memory. Each image is captured without thought or analysis in a pure stream from the invisible realm.

Mel is the recipient a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Temple University in Philadelphia, and since then has received training in many different areas. She recently achieved the honor of being a Priestess Path graduate, having completed an intensive two-year apprenticeship in women’s leadership, empowerment and spirituality. Her formal Akashic records training with urban priestess Vanessa Codorniu honed her skills as an intuitive, allowing her to easily access the invisible in order to facilitate healing and promote wellness.

In 2017 the first edition of the Akashic Oracle deck was published featuring 48 of Mel’s watercolor paintings, each paired with oracle text for gaining insight and overcoming challenges.

Her most loved and cherished project Wild Woman Rising is an online magazine dedicated to lifting and amplifying the empowered voice of women worldwide. The publication features more than 200 contributing artists, writers, and musicians and is aimed at building a platform where women and their allies can communicate, collaborate and rise.