About Fempunk

Les Femmes Punks is a dissection of evolving and shifting identity as it relates to memory and its fluidity. Intentional glitching results in fractured views of the same image and hints at a strong desire to more fully understand self.

Created shortly after my introduction to crypto art, this collection is distinctly influenced by contemporary profile pic projects such as CryptoPunks and Hashmasks. These projects feature portraits with randomly generated combinations of character traits, pointing to the importance of expressing one’s identity.

My own experience with memory loss adds another layer of meaning, and my punks offer a visual interpretation of the internal struggle to reinvent oneself. More importantly Les Femmes Punks strives to answer: if memory is the driver of identity, and memory is lost, can any new identity be freely selected?

Harking back to the photographic self-portraits of Cindy Sherman, who utilized makeup and costumes to stage her own shots, these punks speak to the fluidity of identity and suggest that the self is a medium to be experimented with and transformed.

Though these images may be jarring and uncomfortable, they capture the essence of growth: messy, emotional, and even tormented. Emerging from a misplaced sense of self, the entire collection is derived from a single photograph that has been manipulated and glitched, literally broken over and over, only to be reconfigured and rendered anew.